shopping and buying ridiculous boots

Hi.  I was going to publish a ranty post I roughly penned yesterday, regarding doctors and crappy stuff.  But, that can wait.  Here’s what I did today:

So, I have to am going to a fancy dress night for my friend’s birthday on Friday.  I’ll be staying over in a different town after having a night out there dressed as a seventies chick so…some room for discomfort presents itself.  I’m not dwelling on that just now because today has been pretty decent as my days go…

I knew I had to get ‘the outfit’ sorted out today because I’d stress if I left it any later.  I happened to have a swirly psychedelic sort of dress that I bought ages ago but never found a reason to wear – probably because in the normal scheme of things it’s fucking hideous!  For this occasion, though, it should work nicely.  Here’s a peek-

70's fancy dress shop 002

Now you might be able to see what I meant when I said I bought ridiculous boots.  It was fun shopping, especially trying on flicky charlie’s angels wigs and not being able to see through the curtains of fake brown hair bouncing around there.  My sister came to take the photos so I could make a decision what was going to look best on me, or, as may be more appropriate, least ridiculous.  I rarely do anything in the moment, fully concentrated, so just getting giddy and collapsing in heaps of giggles with sis, as we both wrestled with the rebellious farrah fawcett wig, positioning it at increasingly awkward angles, was…nice.

I was torn between those boots and some pink glitter heels.  I don’t like wearing knee highs because, in terms of what suits me, I have quite large calves, so often can’t get boots to fit and flatter.  I did get those in the end because they just are going to be better for the costume as a whole.  I reckon they’ll give a little if I wear them in round the house also so, fingers crossed, they’ll look good come the night.

Well, I am trying to be positive today and in this post.  It’s not a hundred per cent natural because I sort of feel wary of saying I feel fine and dandy and am looking forward to Friday night with no qualms.  I am looking forward to it, I just want it all to go okay with no mood dips or anything.  I know there are no guarantees for anything so I’ll try not to dwell.  Another time I’ll post my whingey post.  Today I’ll say “I had a good day” – I got stuff sorted out and found myself nicely distracted by the shopping process.


10 thoughts on “shopping and buying ridiculous boots

  1. Nice, I’m glad you had a good day yesterday.

    I hope your really enjoy your 70’s night tomorrow and the dress looks perfect for the occasion.

    Have fun!


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