Cabin Fever


The snow has been, at times, many things.  Unexpected, exciting in the first flurry pre-Christmas.  I’ve been giddy, enjoyed the crunch underfoot and the dazzling brightness it has cast over my surroundings.  Then I’ve felt hemmed in, annoyed, worried over journeys I might be prevented from making.  Other times indifference has reigned supreme.  Watching the news always makes one aware that one’s outlook is also going to depend on where you live and where you work.  Travel disruption for commuters must be, at times, a miserable forbearance.

I’ve had a couple of days claustrophobia, wanting to be out ‘doing’ but unsure if I should drive.  There’s always the walking option, of course.  I had a minor car bump in the icy conditions a few days ago, trivial in itself, but it actually knocked me mentally, due to a long-winded argument that developed in the middle of the road.  I’ll get that off my chest in my next post I think.

This post is really just a silly little post to occupy five minutes of my time.  Two things.

1a) I didn’t realise we could run out of ‘grit’ for making the roads safe.  It’s been on the news a lot.  I really thought grit was just another word for gravelly stuff and was perhaps interchangeable with sand, salt or anything ‘gritty’.

1b) My silly head keeps coming up with the noun ‘determination’ every time they mention grit on TV.  And they mention it A LOT.  They say ‘grit’: I think ‘grit and determination’.  I can’t help it.

2) Another association – whenever my computer is in sleep or hibernate and I bring it back to life, as it were, this happens: computer makes buzzing, turning on noises, screen flashes and written across the bottom of my screen appears the phrase “Resuming windows…”  The dot dot dot is me transcribing, not me indicating other words I’ve left out of the quote.  Anyway, EVERY time this appears My Silly Brain comes out with “when I’m resuming windows…” in George Formby’s exact nasally tone when he sings THAT song.  Oh dear!

Postscript: The second quoted “…” you can take as the normal grammatical device for indicating extra words left out or unknown.


4 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. I’m really glad that you brought this up because the ‘grit’ and ‘determination’ coupling has been pestering me too.I’ve found myself sluggishly getting up each morning and incanting ‘apply grit. Apply grit’ !
    The George Formby connection made me laugh, but less so now because I know it’s going to persist and haunt me … until the end of mine or Microsoft’s days!

  2. I really enjoy your blog..its nice to read others you can relate too…the mind chatter and the random thoughts…ive just read a few posts but looking forward to reading more! Thanks for sharing!

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