Mum Day Sun Day


I know, it’s frightfully boring of me to post a ‘Mother’s Day’ post on Mother’s Day, but I’m sort of into topical at the moment, so I can’t ignore it.  Unlike my mother.  She manages to ignore Mother’s Day with ease.

“Mum!! Stop washing up, will you?  You’re supposed to be relaxing.”

“Oh, I know, I will,” she breezes, “I just want to finish these few pots first.”

Half an hour passes…

I go into the kitchen.  “MUM!  What are you doing, now?”  Mum looks up from her crouched position, a black lock of hair falling across her eyes.  She raises eyebrows in faux-quizzical manner.  She knows what I mean, but she chooses to play dumb.

“Oh, nothing.  I’m just putting a few work clothes in the wash ready for C [my sister].  I’m not doing much, but she’ll need these clothes for Monday.”

My sister is over 25.  She could most certainly wash her own clothes and would be perfectly willing too.  Stating this to my maxi-Mum, however, would be a fruitless exercise.

“Okay, Mum, but after that will you come and sit down.  Please?  We can do anything that needs doing.”

“yes, yes,” she breezes again, turning the washing machine on.  I give her my you’re not fooling anyone look.

My Mum uses that light tone of voice whenever she wants to indicate ‘I’m not doing real work’, and this can tone can be used for any sentence she chooses.  She may as well be saying, ‘oh, I’m only re-building Rome in half an hour, and then learning Polish to GCSE level.  That’s all.  I’ll stop for lunch then..’  Oh, okay, Mum, my mistake.  I thought you were possibly overdoing things.  I see the error of my thinking now.

Aside: The other day Mum was poorly.  I was putting some food shopping away so she could sit down and rest.  I put the perishables away first.  I caught her an hour or so later inspecting the positioning of my food items.  She rearranged the bananas.  The bananas!!

cont. Okay, so my Mum won’t relax.  In fact, she actually seems to find the idea of relaxing unnerving.  It’s like she is on this constant merry-go-round of doing house chores.

I’ve decided this year I will try a different approach.  I’ll leave her to do her thing during the day and then hopefully this evening we can sit and watch something she likes, maybe have a nice meal.

I did a rush job of buying her a present yesterday.  I grabbed an old classics CD (hits from the 40s-60s I think – it’s been advertised on TV) and a DVD of Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightly, I’ve not watched it, but probably my Mum’s kind of thing).

So, I’d better write the card out since it’s lunch-time already.  My Mum’s great.  Sometimes she drives me crazy, but mostly she’s just..Great.


2 thoughts on “Mum Day Sun Day

  1. Hahaha, Supermum! My mum is constantly on the go – getting her to sit down and relax would be somewhat painful. She is like a flea, hopping around all the time. Most of the time she doesn’t seem to actually get anything done to be honest, but that doesn’t deter her. She is very good at seeming busy whilst not doing a whole lot. I think busy doing nothing was invented for her.

    Mustn’t stop, I am going to make a cake for Mother’s Day! If it looks good there will be pictures later! If there aren’t you know it was a bloody disaster.

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