Stupid o’clock


I think I have some sort of phobia about not getting to sleep ‘on time’.  This is a ridiculous notion for me to have, since I am not working to the Mon-Fri 9-5pm rotation.  I hate lying in bed for any length of time, hoping to sleep, and not managing.  I try in so many ways – relaxation, watching easy TV, herbal remedies, and then the sleeping pill route, if the others don’t help.  I have to give up at some point.  It’s a tense thing to lie wakeful through the quiet hours, waiting for an event that doesn’t happen.

I am now cloudy with tiredness, pmt and sleeping tablets (herbal and pharmaceutical) and yet I’m awake.  This is the moment I declare ‘Sleeplessness!  You have won.  I give up.’  I’m just galled that I’ve bothered to use up tablets that haven’t worked.  I can’t actually name the tablets because everytime I do I get the annoying auto-generated spam.  It’s the usual suspects.  I spy with my little eye something beginning with di, old school.


2 thoughts on “Stupid o’clock

  1. I don’t know what music you like but I find R3 ‘Through the Night’ 1am-7am very relaxing, especially if listened to using a small personal radio with earphones and the volume down. Better than counting sheep, the buggers tend to nip round and be counted again, don’t know what that dog’s up to…

  2. Hi Bristol Michael,
    I’m guessing ‘through the night’ is classical. I do find classical relaxing sometimes, but night time is my hardest time with negative thoughts and I seem to need something a bit more distracting, like a radio play (bbc iplayer), TV, reading (usually a mixture of all those).
    lol re the sheep,

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