Meal Deal – any sandwich, drink and a helping of Zen – £2.99


The current climate of my brain being what it is (decidedly squally) you may find I take refuge in more frequent posts.  Not promising quality, but I have to keep my mind in some sort of order.


Did you know that you can now purchase ancient wisdom in the free market arena?  Specifically, on the back of a packet of sushi from the Co-op.

MEAL DEAL with Zen


Above, my empty packet of sushi.  Here’s what was written on the side:


In case it looks blurry, I shall transcribe.  Ahem..

“Zen is a branch of Buddhism popular in Japan.  Zen discourages the pursuit of worldly things” [excepting Meal Deal offers?] “and acknowledges that life’s pain and suffering often comes from material desires.” [excepting the desire for nicely packaged sushi bought from a supermarket chain, one assumes..]

So, there you go.  Your daily dose of the weirdness that is life in the UK.  Add to that, this branch of Co-op served primarily as a petrol station (my friend, M, was filling up before dropping me home), and the absurdity reaches new heights. 

I laugh at this stuff because it’s just so surreal.  We’re living in a dream.


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