I’m still.  There’s nothing I want to do, nothing I want to say.  The sun peeks out and the texts

“hope you’re enjoying this nice weather”

“hope you’re out and about in the sunshine”

inevitably follow.  These sunny appendages are in full force – whatever the text may be about there’s usually a sun reference clipped on somewhere.


4 thoughts on “Still

  1. Oh goodness, tell me about it. Yes, there is sun. Yes, that is rare for England. But I still feel no need to spend time in it. Fuck off. I get so much ‘Oh isn’t it a lovely day, why don’t you go for a walk?’ or ‘Wouldn’t you like to go and sit outside in the sun?’. No. Leave me alone. I like being in my bed, in my room, with my curtains closed. Yes, I am aware that means I am shutting out the sunlight. No, I don’t give a shit. I like the sun being there for when I need to be outside. But I am not going to go outside purely to be in the sun. I might make an exception if it was actually hot, but it is April. This weather obsession we have in this country is kind of irritating sometimes.

    • lol, we do have a weather obsession, and I irritate myself sometimes because I get caught up in it too. It’s hilarious when we go on summer holidays because the places I’ve been to tend to have staff who immediately engage me in conversation about the sunshine there relative to the UK, it’s so obvious that they’ve been tipped off ‘British customers love to talk about the weather’

  2. Hey Louise,

    I agree with you and Bippidee: Sunlight is overrated.

    Wake me up for apocalyptic events, otherwise I’m not bothered.

    Dom x

    • I’ll be sure to wake you 😉

      Don’t get me wrong, I do like bright weather (God knows I’ve complained enough about the low daylight hours in winter), it’s just a bit frantic the way people run out in the sun, like an aeroplane has just dropped £1,000,000 in ten pound notes.

      Hope you’re ok,

      L x

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