Feel icky: writing for distraction


I dunno if I’m getting a virus or what, I just feel weird today.  My eyes are sore, I keep alternating shivery and warm, I feel shaky when I move about too quickly.  Feel a bit better now I’m sat in bed.  So, no theme to this post.  Just something to do.

Our world is mad.  It’s hard to see how mad it is sometimes because we’re all slap bang in the middle of the madness.  The cult of celebrity is now no longer small enough to be considered a cult.  We talk about famous people on a first-name basis to our friends, as though they are part of our social circle. 

We are a mass of contradictions.  For instance, we are more connected in more ways to one another than ever before.  Yet we are disconnected.  We have more time-saving devices than ever, yet less free time than ever.  We are deluged with opportunities other generations never had and yet stifled by this amorphous cloud of possibility.

Taking the inter-connectedness example.  I mean, here I am, writing a blog, detailing all sorts of aspects of my life, to as many people as may stumble across it.  I’m also on Facebook.  I have a mobile phone.  I have several email addresses.  These things empower me and constrict me. 

A good example is Facebook.  A friend said to me over the weekend how sick she was of reading people’s status updates and the like.  They are either boring “Tara is excited about going shopping today” (who gives a fuck?), or they evoke negative feelings by laying the groundwork for comparison to others.  She gave the example of people she’d been to school with who now had babies etc. 

My friend confided “I’m thinking of coming off the whole thing”, by which she meant deleting her Facebook account.  But, I doubt she’ll do that.  One has to smile (wryly) that the decision to be on or off a social networking site should inspire such serious consideration.  “I’m thinking of coming off the whole thing!”  So, this isn’t a decision she can make at the drop of a hat anymore?  It made me think how bloody enveloped we are with this stuff.  I’m the same too, though perhaps I could delete my account with less worry – my friend has a responsible job, so would she really want to deny herself access to photos (of herself) that might be posted by other people and reflect badly on her, professionally speaking?  At least while she’s on there she can de-tag herself etc.  Facebook has insidiously made itself indispensible to a lot of us.  That doesn’t sit well with me.

Right, well I’m tired again now, so I’ll close this post and probably check Facebook before having a lie down (well, I don’t want to be left out, do I?)


6 thoughts on “Feel icky: writing for distraction

  1. Hey Louise,

    I absolutely hate facebook. The only reason I am still on it is if I deleted my account my friends would make one for me and I would have no control of its content.

    As for windows live messenger, I haven’t signed in for at least 2 years and my mobile phone is only turned on if its essential otherwise it sits in a draw.

    Maybe I’m fundamentally antisocial but I can’t say I’ve missed reading facebook updates 🙂

    Dom x

    • Hi Dom 🙂
      sounds like your friends know how to make you squirm ;)I know what you mean about the updates, they’re so unnecessary half the time. A dislike of reading the updates certainly doesn’t indicate you’re antisocial imho (but maybe I’m a bit biased)

      L x

  2. Sounds like a virus that’s going round to me. And round. And round. Here’s something to cheer you up. I sent the bumless, earless chocolate bunnies picture to a certain official on the PC, Lib Dem run Bristol City Council, asking about the Health & Safety of said bunnies and also whether it was not speciesism as no fluffy chicks are involved. His reply:

    “I am definitely an animist, but I am not animalist.
    All animals have equal rights with me, to go with their equal lefts.
    I find either side to be equally delicious, especially when made of chocolate.”

    Feel better soon! 🙂

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