Outwitted, outclassed: the peas have it


I have had a tiring couple of days.  I decided on Thursday to find somewhere to lodge for a couple of days, somewhere near here, but not here, being my main requirement.  I settled on York.  I will probably do a post about that when my energy levels have come up a bit again.

I had salmon fillet and peas for lunch.  It’s healthy and quick. 

I started with a good handful of frozen peas, boiled them, drained them, plated them.  Then the peas started to get away.  A knife and fork are great implements for subduing most food types.  Peas, no.  Small round things do not find themselves taxed by a human being with a knife-fork combo.

They roll.  They roll all over the place.  They are aided by the frictionless surface of a ceramic plate.  I, the human being, the Food Chain Superior, I, was led a merry dance by these impudent little legumes.  Have they developed some sort of evolutionary advantage?  Doubtful.  In their pods they are closeted from minor predators, but once Bird’s Eye (or whoever else sells them) has strip searched the pods and hauled all the peas out for freezing, then the game is on.

The two main ways to lose peas:

  1. peas piled onto fork start to jump off like lemmings in the journey from fork to mouth.
  2. peas ‘jump’ off plate as you chase them around the plate, trying to herd them onto the fork with the flat end of knife.

I only lost about 4 peas today and I’m not bothered about that in terms of hunger, obviously.  What pisses me off is that they roll onto the carpet.  I have to stop eating and retrieve the errant pea(s) before someone squishes it into the carpet (though that’s what it deserves, little bugger).

As I say in the title:

Outwitted, outclassed: the peas have it!

On the other hand, being boiled in my pan can’t be much fun.  Perhaps I should allow them their one last little act of rebellion…


5 thoughts on “Outwitted, outclassed: the peas have it

  1. Hey Louise,

    This York thing… Are you going to a B&B on your own and do you know York well? I hope your OK and that this is something you want to do and not an escape because of desperation.

    As for peas, I know their ultimate nemesis – rabbits!

    Dom x

    • Hiya,

      I don’t know York well, except going as a kid. It’s been and gone now. Yeah, I stayed in a travelodge on my own – I was desperate to get away from here – but not in a dangerous way.

      I’m glad I went, though tiring, and a couple of people joined me on the second night (unexpectedly), so I wasn’t entirely alone.

      Rabbits, eh. Interesting…


  2. You shouldn’t have corrected that… you should have left me wondering! lol

    Glad your back safe and sound.

    Dom x

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