If you’ve got nothing nice to say…


then post it all on your blog???

Having an icky day.  It’s really DREARY here.  Overcast, dull etc etc.

By the way, I got told once “never say etc at the end of a sentence.  All that means is you have nothing left to say.  You won’t get marks for etc.”  I’m thinking it was either an A level teacher or uni lecturer.  I disagree.  I think there were markers smart (or daft) enough to realise that etcetera is my way of not boring them with every example from a given group. 

Back to this post.  I could call it “one of those days” and hope for better tomorrow.  I could force myself to do something, though I feel very disinclined to do so.  I’m dithering.  It’s taking me ages just writing this.  Laptop on my knee, sat up in bed, eyes closing after each sentence.  My words too, are locked-up behind some new high-security system in my brain, that I haven’t been informed about.  Perhaps there’s a new password being sent through the mail.


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