I’ve started so I’ll fini-


I don’t seem able to finish things of late.  Generally, but also posting stuff here.  I have such a big pile of drafts, but my mind wanders from one topic to another before the last one is finished.

Surely I’ll be able to finish this – a post about not finishing posts?  That has to be within my reach.  LOUISE.  PRESS.  PUBLISH.  NOW.  NO, NOT AFTER THE NEXT GLASS OF WINE/CUP OF TEA/KIT-KAT.  NOW.  DO IT.  NOW.







2 thoughts on “I’ve started so I’ll fini-

  1. OWWWW I know this feeling!
    You want to start so many projects because, normally, they would make you feel good. And now it is hard to start them, and then it goes OK for a while, but really making it to the finish line is just one of the hardest things to do… So in the end, it didn’t make you feel good, it only made you sad because you didn’t achieve your intended goal…
    Or at least, that’s how it “works” for me…

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