My Dentist – part 1


This written after my last appointment on Wednesday: 

I just have to get this out of my system.  I’m so angry right now.  Angry, agitated, I’m not even sure exactly what. 

There’s no point going into details of all the little things I don’t like about the treatment I’ve had from this dentist, it would be laborious to write and boring to read.  I’ll try to be concise, here, though I’m not promising anything… 

Root Canal Treatment 

I started this treatment months ago following agonising pain.  I posted about it.  Anyway, the end of this saga was meant to be over today [edit – last Wednesday].  I was informed I’d be going in to have the temporary filling removed and, FINALLY, the permanent inlay/crown fitted.  I was not looking forward to today’s appointment as my dentist is a wanker unskilled in the gentle touch.  I’m reliably informed that some dentists realise that the mouthful of teeth in front of them are attached to an actual live person.  They realise the mouth, whilst undeniably squishy in places, is not to be confused with a lump of Play-D0h. 

"Dr. Drill and Fill" child's toy/dentist school alternative


The idea is to mold white teeth out of Play-Doh, press them into the gums of the “patient,” and then play dentist. Teeth can be drilled with the plastic pretend drill and then filled with the silver Play-Doh compound – editorial review 


I don’t think he’s incompetent (though he may be).  He’s heavy-handed though.  He’s also crap to talk to.  He talks way too fast, occasionally contradicts himself and, despite promising to stop if anything hurts, I’ve realised he’s just not very good at recognising that ramming things with sharp edges against my gum line (like the x-ray thing, and the mould thing for inlay impressions) is going to be uncomfortable. 

Fuck that.  I’m not even bothered about the discomfort anymore.  After this root job had been finished I was planning on moving practices anyway.  Too many irksome experiences. 

The issue now is that the inlay that he ordered, that the last impression had been taken for a few weeks back, couldn’t be fitted today.  I know these things happen.  But the anxious build-up to the appointment was considerable: hoping and thinking that this would be the final part of what has been a long, at times agonising, treatment.  

He is such a fuckwit.  I am assuming anyone reading this has the sense to know it’s not written in a calm frame of mind, with the benefit of a few days’ perspective.  It’s fresh.  I fucking hate him right now. 

He tried to fit the inlay and it was the wrong size.  He drilled a bit more, messed around for ages in my mouth with one implement and another, presumably aiming to make the damn thing fit.  Then he had a go at altering the white inlay itself.  Several times I ventured queries, “what’s wrong?” “is it not going to work?” etc etc.  He just went on with it.  

But nothing was really confirmed “this is why it didn’t work…”.  He’s infuriating that way, he talks fast, says a lot, and you just can’t be arsed to try to pin him down on anything that isn’t fundamentally important to the task at hand.  Fundamentally important to me, in this case, was withstanding a bit of discomfort in order to leave with a finished product.  

The appointment ended, 40 minutes later, when, in his final attempt to press the inlay into the glue, he instead, flicked the inlay (a hard object, ridged like a tooth) out of position, and 

it flew to the back of my throat.

Where I gagged on it.

I coughed, shocked.  By closing my gullet, hawking hard, and holding my breath, I was able to sit up and spit it out onto my hand. 

“What the HELL IS THAT?” 

Of course, I had a good idea what it was, but I was trying to convey my ire.  He seemed pleased I had retrieved it and took it from my hand.  I’m usually not one for public shows of anger, so even me saying “hell” in an irate tone is testament to how much this dude had pressed on my patience. 

At this stage we called it a day with the round peg in the square hole scenario.  I was shaken and stirred.  He took fresh impressions, is sending off for ANOTHER inlay.  Meanwhile he put a temporary filling in again with orders to come back in a week, when hopefully the new inlay will have arrived and be the right size. 

In the meantime, my dentist continues to play with his “Play-Doh Dr. Drill and Fill”.


5 thoughts on “My Dentist – part 1

  1. Ouch! If he was my dentist, I would change practice as well… What an @$$! I hope it will go better next week and you’ll be able to find a new dentist in your neighborhood soon!

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