I’m bored


I’m so bored I can’t even be bothered to attempt a better title for this post.  Its been raining pretty much all day.  I’m going away next week, to a Spanish resort, so I should be psyched, but I’m just sort of blah.  I know.  Holidays are good things.  I’m not not looking forward to it.  I just haven’t really got into the holiday spirit yet.  I’m going with two other girls so maybe once we’re together I’ll get giddy.

What to do now though?  Packing?  Can’t be arsed.  It feels as though I’ve lost my social life somewhere.  There are people who I used to see that I no longer do, for one reason or another.  Mostly a case of moving on, life taking them away on a tide, softly, slowly, away.  This is what life is about, isn’t it?  Changes.  Things change, good ways and bad, and I can’t stop that. 

My friend, M, mentioned in the previous post, isn’t one of those things, by the way.  I was mad, still am (a bit) mad, at him, but I said my bit on the phone and I went round to see him during the week.  I was nice.  I was friendly.  I was guarded.  I can’t just switch back into best friend mode, it will take time for the warmth to come back.

I don’t know.  Shall I go to the shop?  I could watch a film?  I just can’t make my mind up.


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