I’m back, sunned but not tanned


Well, it’s been a little while since I wrote.  I had a few days abroad soaking up some Mediterranean sun.  I have been back a few days but have been knackered so have barely done anything.

The first question I usually get asked is “Did you enjoy yourself, then?” or “Was it good?”  Perfectly good questions that I’m sure I’d also ask.  It’s difficult though…

I went with two girl pals who are, naturally, more energetic than I.  In some ways I missed out due to my CFS fatigue.  I didn’t really do much sightseeing because I wasn’t there for long enough to gather the energy for it.  But, if I leave those obvious limitations aside, then yes, I did enjoy it.

It was nice to have a break in a tranquil, beautiful environment.  It was also a good time to go as it’s not quite HOT HOT HOT yet.  It’s just HOT hot.  In terms I can understand – Nando’s – it was peri-peri hot, not peri-peri extra hot (or whatever their most hot sauce is).

I’ll come back to blogging when I’ve had a bit more of a rest, but just wanted to get the ball rolling.

Just for a change, if anyone reads this post, how about telling me your current mood and why?


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