Country Estates


A few weeks ago I went to a stately home for the day, with my Mum.  Chatsworth.  I think we’d just watched Pride and Prejudice or something.  It was that day that was beautifully sunny sandwiched between days that were overcast.  Anyone remember that one?  A few pictures:

posh, innit?

someone was a bit handy with a paintbrush, then
amethyst, I think, an ornament in the house - quirky beautiful imo



4 thoughts on “Country Estates

  1. I don’t suppose there was a gent emerging from the lake in a wet shirt, was there? There was? Did your Mum swoon?

    Good photos – thanks for sharing!

    M 😀

  2. Hey Louise,

    Wow, it looks like you have had an exciting couple of weeks. A holiday abroad and a trip to a country estate – well done on pushing yourself!

    I have also been trying to enjoy the sunshine reading in the garden with my rabbit and drinking mexican lager with lime.

    Dom x

    • thanks, Dom 🙂

      yeah it was fairly hectic, think I’ve been recovering from it all for a while lol.

      Reading in the sun sounds nice – I’m just waiting for my hayfever to die down so I can spend more time outside.

      Hope you’re well,

      L x

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