Head two sizes too small for brain


I am speaking of my HANGOVER.  My brain is throbbing.

Why do I do it to myself?

Well, I don’t do it very often to be fair.  I’m past the happy young days when the hangovers were worth the nights out, and, additionally, I have my boring health condition to think of, which makes my recovery time considerably more than it should be.

Have you ever had the first inkling of a hangover, that point where you haven’t quite gone into full-blown detox mode?  It’s a sense of foreboding for the pain that will inevitably follow.  I can feel the throat tense, the head starting to pound and the dismay that I didn’t make myself drink a quota of water before I passed out.  Oh dear!

It was a house-warming.  I went out because I haven’t been out in a while, but it’s the curse of going out to a place where the people there are friendly, but not friends, if you know what I mean.  You get an invite because you are tangentially connected to someone, rather than because it’s your bosom buddies.  That’s the problem, though.  I don’t have any bosom buddies, so I either go out with less-than-bosom-buddies or I don’t go out.  I often choose the latter, but sometimes it’s like Jeez, I have to get out.

I should adjust my statement that I have no bosom buddies.  I have  two or three good friends, but I don’t see them too often because they have work and other stuff going on.

Anyway, the first pangs of crap, I am going to feel like death! have set in.  In some ways it’s a vicious circle because I wanted to get wasted, so that I would temporarily feel nothing, and also as a kind of self-abuse, and the hangover is a completely expected result.  Yet I, as always, get sucked into the cycle of excess-reproach-guilt.

I hate myself right now.  Logically, I know that people at that party wouldn’t have hated me, but I have the whole projection thing going on.  I’m a chore for people around me, people talk to me out of pity etc.  And it goes on…

I’ll try to nip that pointless self-reproach in the bud; after all, I didn’t puke until I got home – I think that was very civilized of me.  Invite me to your house-warming, coz I don’t puke ’til I’m face to face with my own toilet bowl.  A unique selling point, no?

Right, lying down now.  Memory of cheap vodka getting too much.  Hope anyone reading this is feeling less rough than I…


5 thoughts on “Head two sizes too small for brain

  1. ONE small vodka in a lot of lemonade or coke should help. Plenty of sugary fluids. Happy landings!

    M 🙂

    • Thanks for the tip,

      I didn’t have any alcohol in the house unfortunately, and I was WAY too tired to go out that day, so I took my punishment like a man…and hid under the duvet all day 😉

  2. Well you only live once but next time try and get about 24 ounces of water in your system. It will surely slow down your alcohol content because you’ll spend half the time urinating the liquids which will make you feel like you’ve had enough and its time to go.. Its a psychi thing but it works and fried foods or stach food also.

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