An advantage of unemployment


Most of the time I’m thoroughly upset by my lack of paid employment, however I’m in a forgiving mood today so let’s look on the bright side…

As Karen Carpenter so melodically stated

 “rainy days and mondays always get me down”

Today is not only a Monday, it is also raining.  I’m guessing this double downer would have put Karen into an even deeper depression, given her dislike of rain or Monday as stand-alone downers.  Of course, brother Rick wrote the lyrics to most of the songs (I think), so perhaps this was his bugbear.  Just why a couple of singer/songwriters should dislike Mondays I have no idea.  Trying to relate to the masses, eh?

So, in my vernacular, it’s pissing it down.  Why is this good?

Since the only reason to be down on a Monday is because it signifies the end of the weekend/start of the working week, and since I am not working, Monday has no power over meOkay, it’s raining, but that doesn’t really bother me either.  I’m in bed with a tummy ache. 

Speaking of weather…

this is the site I use to check the pollen count if I get sneezy:

I find it pretty useful.

As an aside, scrolling down the page I noticed this little image:

This made me giggle.  Can you imagine the photo session? 

PHOTOGRAPHER: “Okay, who’s got the bigger tits?  Right, you, the brunette, can you just put this skin-tight red sweater on, please…Great.  Now, just cosy up to eachother, like you’ve had a few drinks-and this is your best mate-and there’s guys watching you-and one of the guys you really fancy.  FABULOUS.  Now, just one more thing…Brunette Girl, if you just turn to the side, shoulders back, and push your tits out.. More. More. Great. Don’t be shy – think of them as, err, a couple of weather-seeking missiles…  Perfect.  It’s a wrap!! ”

Objectify much?


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