I’m not dead.

I love writing and I love writing this blog but recently the words have coagulated in my throat.

The thing is, life just hums by.  At first I could post lots of stuff on here because you don’t know me so there’s a fair bit to tell.  After a while though, the curse of repetition plunders the satisfaction of putting myself out there.

You see, I have the bad days, the horrific days and the good days and they repeat over and over again.  The only way I can write fresh things is when something fresh happens or when I make something happen.

So, for now at least, I am working things out in my head, trying to plot my next move and tentatively knocking on a few doors to see what’s available to me in my area vis-a-vis courses, relaxation, pathways to work etc.


2 thoughts on “Checks

  1. Hey Louise,

    I’ve just checked my pulse and it seems I’m still here too.

    Therapy is rubbish but I’m still going and moaning like a child.

    Dom x

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