Can I talk to you?


Feeling really upset today.  Getting a lot of fatigued feelings and a few physical bits of CFS/M.E. also.  My sinuses are really pressured; it makes me feel like I’m in a vice.  I am closing my eyes every five minutes and writing this is laborious.

I feel isolated.  I haven’t had much support for a while from either mental health or CFS professionals.  There are things I’ve put in place that I’m waiting to come through, appointments and dates for groups etc.

That’s the thing with mental health and CFS/M.E. stuff – there’s a time lag in between recognizing you need some support and being referred.  Then there’s another time lag between being referred and being seen and yet another break between the first assessment and the start of whatever help it is you’re trying to access.  In my case, I’m waiting for a health and well-being group (with local MH services) and a managing CFS group (with not-so-local CFS services).

I think I know what my body can and cannot do, but really it’s all hit and miss.  I went to the gym earlier and feel tired, emotional and sorry for myself now, partly because I always hope that I’ll have energy to spare, but the reality is post-gym I’m getting physical CFS/M.E. symptoms along with a weird upset/tired feeling.


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