Things I wish I’d known sooner


  1. It’s best to find out if you have sensitive teeth BEFORE you knock back your first Slush Puppy. It feels like ramming your funny (nothing ‘funny’ about it) bone against a brick wall. Repeatedly.

  2. Life will not ‘work itself out’. Affirmative action is required. Nothing works itself out without some effort; this is as true of life as it is of constipation.

  3. The things which instigate an incidence of mental ill-health are not the things which perpetuate it.

  4. There is no easy way out of a depressive episode. There are ways to make it easier though.

  5. When the chips are down ignore them. Eat wedges instead. Or curly fries.

  6. Another issue with Slush Puppies: brain freeze. Do not drink without an experienced ‘partner’ to guide you through the pitfalls.

  7. Perfecting perfectionism will get you into a lot of trouble.

  8. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but the curious cat who gingerly checked it out didn’t actually die. That’s just a myth to stop overpopulation in greener areas.


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