Depression diary


Things have started to slow down a little.  I’m a little cloudier in my thinking, a little slower in my sentence-forming.  It’s not agonising; it’s just a bum note.  I should also say that there isn’t a particular reason for this slowing.  I could come up with possible reasons I could/should feel a bit low, but they would be specious.  After all, there are always things happening that can be pulled together to form a case to support a change in mood, for better or worse.

One thing: I do think that the pull towards autumn can affect me.  Even just knowing that it can affect me can be enough to affect me prematurely (btw I spent five minutes trying to remember the word ‘prematurely’ and then just used a thesaurus).

Enough of that.  I went on a second date with Guy-Previously-Mentioned.  I have been meaning to update on that as well as post pictures of a couple of nice places I’ve been of late.  I also have a few ‘topical’ posts which, due to my lack of concentration/desire to edit properly, are no longer topical!  Like the Pope visiting, for example.  Still, there’s some meat on the topical bones of those posts that I would, brain permitting, like to finish and put out there.

Hope anyone reading this is well xx


4 thoughts on “Depression diary

  1. Some researchers believe that seasonal depression is what is left in humans of the instinct to hibernate. Maybe you could be a furry bear with a cosy cave full of your favourite things. Think of Ratty in ‘The Wind in the Willows’, who spent the winter alternately writing poetry and dozing in front of the fire. When I was six or seven I really liked the idea of being a dormouse or a squirrel…The sunlight on the changing leaves with blue sky visible between and beyond was beautiful here today. Keep chuggin’ on!

    M 😉

    • Hi BM,
      I would LOVE to be a furry bear in a cosy cave lol. The problem with being a dormouse or a squirrel is one of life expectancy, which I believe was explored in Roald Dahl’s book “The Witches”. I’m chuggin’

      L x

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