Seasonal jabber with buddhism (side dish)


I’m like a big grumpy bear.  I fucking hate November.  I’m doing what I can to outmaneuver the seasonal blues but some days the effort involved in the dodging is arguably counter-productive. 

I am in a group at the  moment which is tailored to managing chronic conditions (CFS/M.E.), but the basis of it is learning to meditate.  It’s actually an NHS thing, which is pleasantly surprising as one doesn’t often come across alternative therapies through NHS channels.  I have a CD which I am supposed to listen to daily in between groups – it’s a body scan meditation.  I know, there is some confusion between ‘meditation’ and ‘relaxation technique’.  The term meditation is used in secular settings in a broader sense than when it is used by Buddhists.  Having attended a fair few buddhist meditation groups I know that the body scan would generally be considered a preliminary step, a way to quiet the mind ready for the meditation, rather than the meditation itself.  The meditation part would be a specific spiritual idea which the mind concentrates on, to the exclusion of everything else.  For instance, I think ‘the sacredness of human life’ was one such focus of meditation used when I was meditating in buddhist setting a while ago.

So, perhaps I am throwing my energy in the wrong direction by trying to avoid the Winter Blues.  I suppose the skill of acceptance of where one is at now is a worthy, if achingly difficult, thing to learn.  I’m not feeling awful, I just have classic seasonal symptoms – day grogginess, sleep disruption, feeling numb, wanting to eat crap all the time and feeling anti-social.  In short, I want to hibernate.  I have a lightbox, which I would recommend to anyone who has even mild Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms.

Bloody hell, how windy is it tonight.  It’s blowing a hell-storm up out there – think I’ll stay under the duvet with a hot water bottle tonight.  I do hope no one gets hurt because it’s that kind of gale where you hear the next day the trees have fallen over in parts of the country.


3 thoughts on “Seasonal jabber with buddhism (side dish)

  1. Sounds like DBT (dialectical behaviour therapy), the Very Latest In Thing. If I hadn’t retired I’d seriously consider becoming a DBT therapist.

    It’s a matter of changing what you can and accepting what you can’t. It’s very cosy to be under a duvet with the wind and rain lashing against the windows. You’re grumpy, you say? Try thinking of yourself as a Bear hibernating in her cave. Hope Tigger doesn’t come and pinch your hunny! (The House at Pooh Corner)

    m 🙂

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