Indulging my Inner Goth – Dracula


I am not going to attempt  anything other than a completely frivolous, nonsensical post about some Thing which, I assuredly believe, will pop into my head…shortly.  And…so it cometh.

Halloween just been/gone.  I missed it this year as I had no party to go to, to get dressed up and play a part for a while.  I love all that palava (sp?) with the costumes and make up and deciding what alcoholic drinks, when mixed together, will result in a GREEN drink.  It doesn’t even matter if it tastes so god-awful that one could not expect the lining of a human stomach to forebear even a snifter.  If the worst comes to the worst there’s always the ever-faithful green jelly cubes laced with vodka.  Then the pumpkin carving.  I love doing that.

This hasn’t been silly enough yet has it?

Well, my initial thought was to have a sombre discussion on:

Dracula: Evil Demon or misunderstood Fall Guy?  Maybe you can come up with alternative tag lines for your favourite horror movies, assuming you are as sleepless as I am.

So, here’s my (tongue-in-cheek) justification for why Drac (to his friends) isn’t all bad.

  1. His history as Vlad the Impaler is taken out of context.  Back then it was all part of a good show to load your enemies’ heads onto the tip of your sword, for better visibility.  Please remember, ergonomically designed cinema seats, graduating upwards so that everyone can see what’s going on, just didn’t exist then. Vlad was an entrepreneur, an early contender for Dragon’s Den, if you will, (I’m sure his heads on a pole idea would have elicited much investment – even from that po-faced Lady Dragon).
  2. Vlad/Drac had his heart broken and it’s kind of romantic that he suffers year on year, downing the odd baby along the way (comfort eating), waiting for his beloved to return. 
  3. Vampires are hip now – America says so.  Twighlight, Vampire Diaries, Underworld franchise.  Just because Drac is a bit crusty (think Gary Oldman’s representation) doesn’t mean he should be the fall guy for these new-wave hippy vamps who don’t feed on human blood, thereby exonerating themselves.  Poor Drac.
  4. Without Dracula you wouldn’t be able to swoon over the young breed of synthetic-blood- guzzling show-offs that now proliferate in cinemas.

In all seriousness I do have a major penchant for the vampire movies/books.  Some are more worthy than others and I do think, in appealing to a teen audience, we’ve slightly sanitized the louchness that was so delicious about the original idea.  We’ve blunted it. 

My favourite films for this genre are Dracula (Gary Oldman), Near Dark, and then more watered down stuff such as Underworld, which is still an atmospheric film.  Twilight is okay, but a shame it wasn’t more adult.  True Blood is amazing, I must read the books if they are as good as the T.V. show.  Ann Rice’s books are decadent and appealing – I read them ages ago though, so not sure if they’ve stood the test of time.

Anyway, that’s all…

Except…well to tie this into mental health, the sometime theme of this blog, vampires hold a special attraction for the mentally wounded.  They are creatures unable to assimilate fully into everyday society.  They are feared and/or excluded from normal human activities.  This is not universally unwelcome, but, like most things, a blessing and a curse.  Full stop.


2 thoughts on “Indulging my Inner Goth – Dracula

  1. Samhain (Hallowe’en) is a time for communing with the ancestors. In the West of Ireland, on going to bed the fire is left banked up and chairs are arranged in a semi-circle so that the Dead of that place may sit and converse.

    There’s nothing wrong about a bit of fun as well, of course. But remember, in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels, what Death really enjoyed doing was not riding around on his horse Binky collecting souls for redistribution into new states of being. No, he had servants and a human granddaughter (don’t ask) to help with matters mystical. What he liked was cooking fast food in a burger bar. Mmm, it’s skeleton-lickin’ good!

    M (boo!) 😀

  2. The researchers found the happiest other hand, seems much healthier, at different levels, both physically and mentally than those who are not. A marker of stress is a chemical called fibrinogen, found in the blood.

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