Talk To The Animals – pics

Just some pictures I took from the zoo and a public garden near me.  Think it was October.  I haven’t got the will to speak much.  I hate November darkness, I want it to feel like less of a slog, but there are easier days/hours.  I keep occupied as best I can and curl up when I can’t.  I liked these pictures.  It was a freak sunny day.


7 thoughts on “Talk To The Animals – pics

      • That’s often males in must – very painful for them, I’m told. I saw a tv programme in which an alpha female accepted the camera crew into her clan and kept coming over during the night to check they were ok. A great responsibility, she seemed to find it, what if the lions got them?

        We used to know a highly intelligent and very affectionate and playful Irish Wolfhound – like Fang, only brighter and braver.

  1. Love the pics – I went to the zoo in August with V Place and really loved it – felt so calm and happy there.

    I hate November and it’s darkness too, I hope it passes/has passes quickly for you (and December can just get lost too)…

    Take care,

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