Christmas period nearly over..


Well, nothing like a semi-nervous breakdown to brighten up the Christmas table, eh? 

I feel sorry for my poor Auntie too, with whom we were all due to have Xmas festivities with.

Until her water froze in the pipes. 

On Christmas Day. 

With no prior warning.

So, all her food preparation, tables festooned with seasonal candles etc, was brought to a shuddering halt.  No hot water.  No cold water.

A quick rearranged venue, a LOT of hauling food, chairs, and water up and back to my Auntie’s (water so they could shower, toilet..).

I didn’t stay with them all for long in my Uncle’s house – Ad Hoc Christmas Dinner House – as previously mentioned.  But I’m told the food was up to my Auntie’s usual sumptuous standard.  If I hadn’t been tired and nauseous and mentally fucked, I’d probably have gained three pounds in weight.

I was also informed that my Auntie was rather ‘merry’ by dessert time and insisted on karaoke and bingo at the table.  She has a lovely husband so I’m sure she had help with the emergency Christmas dinner transfer, but two young children as well, it can’t have been easy.


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