One Glass


I had one glass of wine and it tipped me over tonight, figuratively speaking.  It’s the thing, with these sometimes-pleasurable sometimes-bad for you items.  One night you enjoy a glass of wine, another night it suddenly refers you back to an agitated, maudlin mess of a human being who is on her own in the withering wilderness.  Hyperbole.  It’s grand, ain’t it..

Anyway, I haven’t been steady for some time now – probably since Winter got her claws out – so I’m generally more picky about whether I can drink alcohol or not.  Last weekend, at my friend’s house, three of us got through quite a bit of wine and lager in the pub later on.  I was okay on alcohol that night.

Tonight, apparently not.  But how does one know? (I hope it is the alcohol bringing my thoughts down to this level; I hope I’m not really a horrible person, with a horrible mind and a weak mind and someone who will never be able to achieve anything…

I’m also having a meltdown regarding my age and status attached to it.  I’m trying not to feel this way, but I really don’t know how I’ve ended up here, in this predicament, ill, constantly tired and now, now I can’t even have a bloody pint!  I mean, what’s the world coming to.

This ramble ends.  Good night God bless.  That last phrase my Gran and Grampa used to use and I associate it with warmth.  I say it to you whether you are atheist, agnostic, with a Deity or without, I say it as a well-wish.


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