Still here, kind of


I have come to realise that I only write a diary/this blog when I feel less than OK.  I suppose I’m just not one of those people who has the urge to write about their lives when they are just about getting by or better.

With that introduction, I will remain true to form and say, I don’t feel great.  I’m just about half way through a course about teaching to adults and it’s hitting my energy pretty hard.  I just want to get to the end and not have to drop out due to health problems.  It’s one step at a time for now.

I’ve loads I could tell you (‘you’ being ‘diary’ but diary being anyone with an internet connection and the desire to use it bluesilk-illy) but for now it escapes me.  Bit of a void.

I don’t know if I am here half the time – whether that’s an amytriptiline thing or a general tired zombie thing I couldn’t say.

The things that help me get through the bad days at the moment are

a. doing things one step at a time

b. browsing the internet for all the exotic holidays I want to be on

I’m still here, kind of

Better days to come digits crossed.



2 thoughts on “Still here, kind of

  1. I was only thinking yesterday I hadn’t seen anything from you lately. So, on one level, it’s good to hear from you but on another I’m sorry to learn you’re feeling depressed. As you say, it’s a matter of one day at a time. I’ve done some adult education in the past and I found it fascinating.

    Keep on trogging!

    M 😀

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