A success/other people’s opinions

First of all, I have a success to report – i DID my observed teaching thing.  I was ultra nervous, and have felt quite ill for a few days after, but, nevertheless, I did it.  I had the audio go haywire so coudln’t show my film clips properly, so thank goodness it wasn’t a job interview!!

I’chose to do mine on anthropology, specifically study of cultural sameness and difference observed.  I was also intrigued by the Japan effect – calm cool orderly queueing for food, whereas Haiti had police all round, the food line could not have worked in that environ without police/military control.

I was trying to keep the subject tangible and there’s not a lot more topical than Japan right now.

I’ve been ill ever since, though I’m slowly feeling better – on wednesday I could not stop crying – it was a little program called “lark Rise To Candleford” which started it off.  LRTC is a Sunday Scheduler’s wet dream – whimsy, period gowns, genteel behaviour and lots of roaming amongst fields I wish I had newrby.

Anyway, the other peoples’ opininons thing was just that I’ve been told off by someone younger than me for buying expencsive tickets to a festival.  Granted they are bloody expensive, but why people suddenly think it’s their duty to dish out stern warnings, is beyond me.

Part of being ill seems to be your own desires and wants are questioned and even just thinking about this kind of Victorian “This is how money should be spent…” has my toes curling and my stomach backing up into my ribcage.

I havne’t slept a wink tonight so no doubt I’m not in a fully decisive aspect.


2 thoughts on “A success/other people’s opinions

  1. You do your thing! For my recent birthday, my wife and I had a box at the opera and invited a schoolfriend and his wife as our guests. Hermione Granger is very good but she is also s-o-o-o irritating when she starts passing judgment and bossing people around.

    I suspect this person might consider opera Good and festivals Bad. They should get out more. 😉

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