Reflective surfaces

Sometimes if I am having a less than grand day, I avoid looking at my reflection, just to aid the process of not being mean to myself.

My laptop catches me out every time.  When you open it up, tap in your password and…wait…there’s this five second gap of black screen reflecting your face back at’cha.

On another note, with all the Twilight film mania (I’m still dragging my heels through the first book, but I’ve now seen the films so far) I decided to watch ‘The Runaways’ – Kristen Stewart (from Twilight) and Dakota Fanning (from God knows where? but she’s good) star as seventies all girl rock/glam group The Runaways, a flash in the pan success in the 1970’s which imploded like any group of 15-17 year old groups suited, booted and put under pressure would, after two albums or so.  Anyway, KS plays Joan Jett.

It’s pretty funny if you google the Kristen Stewart hatred that’s being tapped out; I mean, like whole blogs dedicated to slagging her off.  I can only imagine it’s the Twilight thing – either they don’t like her representation of ‘Bella’ from the book or they don’t like the fact she’s dating her co-star (seriously, is he that good-looking?).  Either way there’s some oestrogen-doused pitch forks headed her way so she’d better duck for cover.

Actually, I didn’t know, but KS acting started off in Panic Room with Jodie Foster – it’s weird when you see a film you never clock the kid if they appear in something later as an adult.  There’s a few scenes in The Runaways where I could swear she’s channelling Foster – something about the way she storms off in one scene.

Anyway, enough for now…


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