TV Crushes – deep south dramas

I’m currently infatuated with the influx of American deep south drama and the actors represented in said dramas.  In particular, Timothy Olyphant (I know, stupid last name, but overlooking that) in Justified.  The gun-toting, cowboy hat-wearing, southern-drawling LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER with his own interpretation of the rules.  I paraphrase: “You draw first, and I’ll put ‘ya down.”  Hell yeah!

Having had time to gather a few T.V. crushes over the years it has become glaringly obvious that I’m attracted to the persona, not the person.  At first I thought I really did LOVE Scott from Neighbours; then I got older and moved on to Dean Cain from Superman: The New Adventures (think that was its title).  So, now I’m aware that my latest T.V. crushes are but ephemera, destined to disperse like the smoke trails from the caterpillar’s pipe in Alice in Wonderland.  But for now-

Behold my crushes:

Timothy Olyphant.  It’s in the eyes.

Then we have True Blood and its cornucopia of “talent”, both male and female.  This really is a smorgasboard of lusty choice.  It depends on your type.  Guy’s/bi’s you could have Tara, Sookie, or the Lesbian Dominatrix Vampire who hangs out at Fangtasia.  For male crush-material, we have much to choose from, but I’ve settled on Eric – vampire and club owner.  However, he wasn’t crushworthy from the start.  Let me illustrate.  Here we have his first incarnation – greasy long hair, reminiscent of Cobain grunge plus suit:

Yeah, not-so-much.  I’ll pass.

Then, a revelation.  CUT HIS HAIR!, give him a human angle in the storylines and, here we have, new and improved bad but sexy:

The internet is perilous where crushes are concerned.  It is AT YOUR PERIL that you look back into the history of your current idol.  You will be disappointed to find that they weren’t always this buff/cute/heart-melt material.  This last picture is also of Eric (Alexander Skarsgaard), but it has moved into gay icon territory, rather than brooding intensity.  If you are a heterosexual squeamish male, look away now:

(‘scuse me while I just go throw up)  Yuk!  Why?  This is not smouldering sexuality that lets the imagination fill in the blanks.  This is way too gay porn for my taste.  Maybe that’s where this pic was targeted.  But see how little it takes for our crushes to be..crushed..

I don’t know why the Deep South has had such a popularity explosion.  I think it has something to do with the heat.  Heat that’s dry, tastes like sand in your mouth, a million miles from our temperate rainy island.  Everyone loves a change and I’m loving the southern drawling dramas, dripping with heat and sweat, greasy fried chicken and vampires who own nightclubs.

Anyone care to share current crushes?  Go on!  I won’t tell anyone.


2 thoughts on “TV Crushes – deep south dramas

  1. I was unaware of Mr Elephant Olyphant, and indeed the drama in which he appears, so thank you for the important public service you’re providing here.

    I’ll be honest, Alexander Skarsgaard has never really done it for me. As for brooding sexuality, he’s always seemed far too much of a ‘twink’ type for that. Plus he has white-blonde hair, which makes his attempts at brooding quite hard to take seriously, I think.

    I haven’t watched True Blood since the first series, but it always seemed to me there was only one possible candidate for sexiest man in that show – Lafayette Reynolds (Nelsan Ellis). Gloriously effeminate but tough as old boots: what’s not to crush on?

    • haha,
      nice to hear from you, aethelread 🙂
      I’ve just had to look up ‘twink’ so thanks for expanding my knowledge there – it means kind of boyish, right?
      Well, true, he did have white-blonde hair, but they toned it down in the later series’ (with hair gel, I suspect). HE BROODS, OK!! 😉
      Lafayette – how could I miss him out! Indeed, another option for totty-watch.
      I left out Alcide the werewolf also, mainly because he’s newer and needs to do his time to earn a mention. Best newcomer possibly??
      And then there’s Ryan Kwanten, whom appeals if one likes the pretty face/honed body look.
      L x

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