I’m attending Bestival (and I’m nervous as hell)

First of all, it’s been ages since my last post.  The reason is I had enough with repeating myself (“I’m depressed today” “I’m super depressed today” “I’m anxious today

So I made a pact to post only when something different was going on…

I return via doing a google search for Disabilities physical and mental and surviving a festival.  I found this post by zarathustra on the MIND website.

I remember the name from Mental Nurse, which I think has disbanded now, but was sort of nice to see the familiar names 🙂

Anyway, this will be short.

All summer I’ve had the goal of attending a festival.  I was dissuaded on my first mission by well-meaning friends who said I was mad to spend that much for three days, so I sold the ticket.  Well, if I’m mad anyway, and I do a mad thing, don’t two positives or negatives cancel eachother out? (dim memory of mathmatical logic).

Anyway, Bestival is the only one left.  I have my ticket and am going alone.  I am scared and determined and we’ll see how it goes…


2 thoughts on “I’m attending Bestival (and I’m nervous as hell)

  1. Positive x Positive = Positive
    Positive x Negative = Negative
    Negative x Negative = Positive

    or, in this case, Positive + Positive = Even Bigger & Better

    I know someone who was at Bestival who really enjoyed herself. I hope you did as well! 😀

  2. thank you 🙂
    a long time in my replying, but very nice to read your positive comment 🙂
    I enjoyed myself and I didn’t.
    I was fed up and excited.
    I was like a yo yo of emotions.
    I’d do things a little differently if I did it again but I wouldn’t take the experience back for anything.
    Except perhaps the storm from hell on Sat 😉

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