Screw it…chronological posting not my thing

…so I was going to try to create some posts that led on naturally – i.e. the ‘I went to Bestival’ should have been followed by ‘How things went at Bestival’.  Though I have a draft, I can’t be bothered editing it until I can be bothered editing it and I can’t be bothered guessing when I will be bothered doing that.

Didn’t want to put the manacles on and not put out a post if I felt like it on the spur.

Now I’ve forgotten what my spur post was lol.

Yeah, it was, well, I have a new phone (hurray) and my new phone doesn’t have any buttons missing (hurray).  But my new phone has the same crappy signal my other network phone had (not-hurray), but, the thing I was going to say was:


Android Apps.

Hadn’t a clue what they were nor did I care before I got my long overdue replacement phone.

However, I’m liking the music making apps, such as the little guitars you can play with.

The reason I say this is because it’s feeling a bit like Winter and my mood has noticeably dropped for the last few weeks, so anything that’s kept me from staring into space has been a plus.

I am trying to learn some easy guitar chords (the fingering I print off the www.) and the guitar app is my current novelty.

The best thing for me is that it transcends the need to have a good ear for musical pitch.  You see, I’ve loved music for years and have learned to play instruments like string/woodwind with varying degrees of mediocre results.

BUT part of this mediocrity is down to me not being able to tune my own instruments – had to let the teacher do that.  I will never be great at instruments, but I chose to buy keyboard over piano when I was in my teens (no tuning needed for electric keyboard) and I thought the guitar was a no-go, but that little app on my phone means I can learn the fingering, even if it’s not comparable to a real guitar.  And learning something new is a distraction for a few seconds a few minutes, whatever…


5 thoughts on “Screw it…chronological posting not my thing

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