Ebay, howdy, and November

First of all, Howdy!

It’s been a while.  but we must all have more than one string to our bow.

Today I write to you in the warmth of bed, being too grouchy and slightly cold-ridden to push that on other human beings.

These seasons.  The festival and things from my last posting seem so far away and between us a void of encroaching cloudy wilderness, trees in my locale that reach out like the cobbly, knobbly fingers of a grandparent.

I am feeling rather hibernaty as usual and I don’t think there’s much point in a litany of posts that bemoan this feeling.  November means nothing to me.  I tend to consider it the worst month in terms of my general chirpiness.  If I had a chirpometer – and I strongly believe one should be invented, if only because the name is awesome – my reading would be lagging at the grouchy end.

I’m frustrated by lack of money and lack of work.  I tried ebay for a while, hoping that a work from home style would be lucrative.  It seems that my output is not going to reach the level needed to make solid profit, or any profit, there.  10%? That’s seriously high.  And from what I can tell ebay ‘shops’ are treated to the same final sale cut, not to mention initial listing and paypal fees and the extras that are a learning curve as to which you need and which you don’t.

My selling activity is haphazard – I’ve sold bits of jewellery I’ve made in my jewellery class (a therapeutic activity – recommended), I’ve sold some branded cosmetics and some tickets (that festival I attended was the one I got to, but there were others I was too poorly to make).  I’ve started to sell a few unwanted books and such like.

Advice if you are contemplating Ebay as an income supplement

Don’t manically buy things and think you’ll get a great price if you want to sell.

Ebay is a place where people look for bargains – considering this, plus initial fees and postage and insertion fees, the person buying is likely to get their bargain, and you are likely to get a bad bank balance.

Having now done my research via the deep end, fyi the categories which are most lucrative are cars, technology (mobiles, kindle, xbox etc) and to a lesser degree some vintage things like clothing or desirable antiques.

I love an auction, but I’ve bid recklessly and regretted it so no more of that for me, at least until I’m able to afford it.

Such a shame really that I couldn’t work it for the jewellery, as it would have been ideal for me, but hand made jewellery is all over the ebay site.

Having said that, putting a little bit of stuff on there now and again has sometimes got me out of the house (to post it) during those times when I would otherwise be not in the mood to make myself go out.  And there is a lot of satisfaction in getting nice comments, whatever the item.

Other advice is don’t pay for the subtitle that ebay rams down your throat as something that will attract buyers.  Put your key words in the title – there’s a tiny tick box which buyers must tick in order to search the subtitles as well and they don’t use it, so there’s no point paying out for it.

The key words are vital though.  You get a lot of insight from searching for an item you want to sell, as though you were the buyer.  Which words are most popular?  Ideas are available through ebay searches and sites like ebay pulse, which can give an idea what search terms people are using.

I am not a figures person – an accountant would have slapped me on the wrist for not working things out beforehand, but I suppose part of my reason for selling is to give me a sense of purpose and to keep my body and mind moving in these colder, darker days.  If you do not wish to hemorrhage money, then there are little on line calculators, and phone apps which will tell you what your minimum sell price needs to be to get your money back.

I do think Ebay saved my ass a few times though – there has to be a reason for me to go out on bad days, I really can’t just think “hmm, it’s good for me to go for a walk, so I shall”.

Mmm, I’m holding on for better days and a clearer head.  November is a bit bleak, which is probably why I have written this one post about it.  Posting about bleakness is rather tiresome for the writer and the reader, I imagine.

Can’t wait for the veil to lift.  I am walking around talking to people, thinking “I wish I was in bed”.  I’m making a conscious effort now to reverse the automatic rejection of offers to socialize, as I feel I’ve had my way for over a month, and it’s time to start to fight it a little bit.

If you are seasonally affected my thoughts are with you.  I would never call this seasonal malaise I get as bad as the depressive episodes I endure – I recognize it as separate.  It’s vibe is different.  The seasonal stuff, for me, involves lack of interest and energy, but not particularly thinking of myself as an awful person.  It involves weird sleeping patterns – being groggy as hell in the day, until afternoon/evening, and then kind of waking up when I should be going to sleep.  Also an ability to sleep for an extended length of time, which eventually backfires into a really low mood (I’ve knocked this sleeping on the head with lightbox, coffee and stimulants due to the -ve effect of too much sleeping).

Appetite is for junk, can’t be bothered making healthy food and my seasonal munchies are at night, again, a strange reversal.

I find when I talk to people I don’t give a shit about what they’re saying.  Sounds awful doesn’t it?  I’m going through the motions.  I know, for instance, if I drag myself to see a film with a friend I’ve not seen for months, the correct thing to do is to hug and beam with pleasure.  I do this.  But it’s an act.  I listen but I don’t care about what problems are being discussed or what good fortune has brought to people I know.

Tomorrow I am doing a photo course thing.  Tomorrow I will feign interest in everyone’s photo’s and cameras.  I like photography, especially as a meditative tool and distraction.  I may post some pics here if I can be arsed one day.

I know how curmudgeonly I sound.  It’s not a great way to feel, but it’s actually better than normal depression.


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