New Year’s List (+ why resolutions don’t work)

Things I’m looking forward to in the New Year:

  1. Getting my new cameras.  After painstaking pricing versus features comparisons, I’ve ordered two.  A cheap Kodak compact (not had a Kodak before) and a Nikon ‘bridge’ camera to try out some manual controls.
  2. Not going out on New Year’s Eve, having ‘contrived’ fun, as Alison Graham of Radio Times so aptly puts it.
  3. Not feeling left out for not going out this New Year’s Eve.  I’m virusy to exactly the right amount – past the sweating/shivering stage, able to keep boredom at bay, but not well enough to want to par-tayyy!!
  4. Maybe a bit of good luck?  I don’t mind in what way, but I’m putting it out there to the God’s of Luck.  Chuck a bit my way and I’ll be grateful 🙂

I don’t have resolutions.  I’m going to give you a choice – a cerebral la-di-da reason (go to answer ‘a’), and a down-t-to-earth reason (go to answer ‘b’)

a)  Resolutions don’t work because

the New Year is only a new year for a few days.  We don’t change our habits just because we’ve reached the end of a year, and when we aim to do so, we invariably fail.  This isn’t our fault.  It is a product of  forced ideals of change without the conscious volition to carry them through.  It’s like a diet that always starts on a Monday and finishes on the Tuesday.  When you want to create a change, Wednesday afternoon is as good a time as Monday morning or New Year’s Day.

b)  Resolutions don’t work because

they suck.  Most of the naughty stuff that goes on the ‘I won’t do this anymore’ list at New Year – smoking, drinking, drugging, cheating, lying, donuts etc – are pleasures.  January signals a return to work for most, an end to the holidays and Christmas festivities.  Now, does that sound like a good time to forgo your 10-a-day habit?


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