Type ‘A’ Personality


Just wondering, was there a poll when they allocated letters of the alphabet to personality types?  If so, did the Type A’s (driven, neurotic, anxious, perfectionists, great fun at parties) all petition to be awarded the A Grade because nothing less would do? :p

I am in jest, of course.  I consider myself to have some of the ‘A’ traits, but I have reigned them in a lot and everyone knows those categories are tedious as hell.  They should be thought of as signs in the supermarket, pointers if you will – one aisle for the cereals, one for the meat.  If you need a packet of cheerios, you look in the cereal aisle, but you’re still going to have to skim the shelves through the mire of 100s of others.


2 thoughts on “Type ‘A’ Personality

  1. It sounds very like Woody Allen and the characters he plays. Oh look! His surname states with an A. There you go then. Have a nice day!;) M

    • “States?” Whatever statement can he be making by having an A surname? The same one as usual, I suppose. I mean “starts” of course. M

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