Kate Moss is ‘bad’ at interviews – Mango video

Watch: Kate Moss gets in a Mango pickle – Telegraph.

I read some news on celeb doings and Kate Moss apparently has been criticized for being bad at public speaking/interviews.  The interview is for Mango Fashion Awards.  I couldn’t embed it unfortunately, but the link should work.

I read her biography (I can’t get enough of (auto) biographies at the moment – love reading about people with crazy lives).  Keith Richards, Life, is excellent, but back to the point of this post.

To me, it seems a case of a bad interviewer as much as any public speaking issues with Moss.

The interviewer fires questions at his subject, without any effort to build a rapport.

If Moss finishes answering a simple question quickly, the silence hangs in the air like a helium balloon for a nano-second.  Then Mr. Neck Scarf just fires the next question.  (If he’s someone famous I don’t know him – I don’t follow fashion particularly closely – just the gossip ;)).

Interview techniques are up for debate, but I think interview by firing squad isn’t conducive to natural conversation.  It doesn’t help that they use those harsh backdrop installations.  Talk about backs against the wall.

I know, it’s just something people find to fill column inches.  The interview that I saw was as natural as it was possible to be in that scenario.

Made me smile when he asks the boring

‘How does it feel to be fashion icon?’ question.  I give her credit for not shooting herself on the spot, having to answer that inane question yet again.

and then

So who would you give an award for fashion to, right now?’

I think he was half hoping she’d take a look at his dapper neck scarf, tied just-so, and proclaim him the fairest of them all on the spot.


2 thoughts on “Kate Moss is ‘bad’ at interviews – Mango video

  1. Hello, long time no see! There’s altogether far too much of this firing of aggressive questions lark – it’s an insult to the viewer’s/listener’s intelligence, apart from any other consideration. There are Messrs Humphrys and Paxman and their imitators who fire questions at the interviewee before they’ve finished answering the last one or (a Humphrys speciality) keep asking a question that has already been answered. Much of it is of the “do you still beat your wife?” variety. If I’d been Kate Moss and had been asked who I would give a fashion award to by this twit, I’d have felt tempted to reply, looking pointedly at the scarf: “Well, not you, anyway”. 😉

  2. But perhaps we need someone like Newkirk to remind us of the choice to be made; someone who, each time we pick up a fur-trimmed jacket, to make us think a little bit about what we are doing. We might decide to ignore her. We might even decide there are bigger things to worry about. But at least we have been asked the question. Because however ethical a fur coat might or might not be, an animal has still had to die for it to end up on the hanger. That is probably worth thinking about, no matter how fashionable it might seem.

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