The Queen will see you now – jubilations :)


I feel a little bit of a dunce for not quite knowing what all this fuss is about???

I am currently hiding out in a room with no T.V. because everyone is watching the celebrations.

Here are my uninformed guesses why this is such a big deal :

  1. It’s an excuse to have parties, have fun (nothing wrong there)
  2. It’s a celebration of a long time on the throne (I think of Royle family’s ‘Jim’ might have a quip about that one)
  3. Some people, maybe older people, remember the monarchy as a worthy institution – back in the day the monarchy had real, sometimes dangerous, power.

I did see a clip of a program yesterday, with Prince Charles looking back over cinefilm of his family life and they also showed footage of the Queen’s expeditions to EVERY country on the planet.

At this point, when I saw her speaking, I thought ‘that’s actually a really tedious job’.  Constantly polite, constantly smiling, greeting, attending different gatherings of important people around the world.  I have to give her credit – she did appear to work hard, travel a lot and attend all these ceremonial happenings.

It’s not that I don’t like her, it’s not that I don’t accept that we have a monarchy.  I just don’t quite know what we’re celebrating.

That said, I’m not going to turn my nose up if someone suggests attending one of the many events organized for these few days.


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