Fifty Shades of Grey – let’s see what the fuss is about then…

I was round at my friend’s the other day – I don’t socialize much at the moment, but the weather being better probably gives me a bit more momentum.

She had bought the trilogy, of which Fifty Shades of Grey is the first book.

I’ve had no sleep at all last night so my writing is going to be lazy.

Anyway, I hadn’t heard about it – if I took notice of trends around me or was a daily natterer I guess I would have known.

“It’s like erotic fiction for women with S&M.  Everyone is talking about it,” she says.


I was then informed that it had sold out causing panic and ebay bids of around £30 to get hold of this novel.  My friend had picked up her booty from the local Tesco.

“It’s on the bookshelf” 

she waves her hand to direct me, with the satisfied air of someone who has a full tank of petrol, just before the pumps dry out.  “On the top shelf is it?”– my dry, but harmless, sense of humour goes unnoticed.  She’s known me ages, she doesn’t have the same SOH, which is fine.  “No, it’s down at the bottom, near the DVDs.’

Book located, I idly wonder whether I should slip it into my bag and stick it on Ebay.  I reject the idea as

  1. a quick internet check confirmed ‘panic’ was over, shops had restocked and also,


I idly read the blurb, then the first page or two (to get a feel for the narrative) and then thumbed through to the first incidence of fornication -how else does one make a judgement upon whether to purchase such literature for oneself? I decided to give it a go since it is causing such widespread comment.

Actually, I am writing this over a draft now, so it’s a couple of weeks since I got the ebooks.

I will write a bit more about the books because actually they are rather an oddity – they remind me a little of Mill’s and Boon books that I devoured as a 13-year-old, but with, you know, restraints, handcuffs, whips, copious copulations etc.

Very shrewd mixture on the part of the novelist, and well, I’ll leave it there for now.

Ignore below, it’s a message to someone who kindly reads and comments on some of my posts.  Except if you are BM.  In that case don’t ignore below.

BM, saw something about a password.  No begging required, but I haven’t password protected anything for ages so maybe it’s an old post.  I moved some archives to their own page, an effort to tidy the blog up and delete repetitive ‘I feel crap’ posts.   I may need to check if they are being posted as if ‘new’ when they aren’t.


2 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey – let’s see what the fuss is about then…

  1. Coo, I feel privileged! My very own message in orange! I write ‘orange’ and straightaway think ‘navel’ and then ‘destroyer’ and then ‘hula hoop’ and then ‘barbed wire’… Enough with the S&M already. I suppose it makes a change from eroto-teen books about vampires, might even read it myself.

    I read ALL your posts and comment on some. I daresay it was because it was old stuff, as you say. Just me being nosy. I really enjoy this blog! M 😉 🙂

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