To text or not to text – welcome to my head


Welcome to my head – Please wipe your shoes at the door.

Anyone ever thought:

‘I should text [name], but what if…’

My Mum is coming home today after a few days holiday.  I casually thought I should text her the usual ‘hey, safe trip home’ etc, BUT THEN….

I think,

‘yeah, okay, but what if she’s already set off, is driving, and my text distracts her?’

Then (in my head) she hoofs up the tail end of some other guy’s/girl’s car, and that’s one of the best case scenarios.


Well, I’ve gone with the not-texting since I know her phone will probably be on LOUD as always and I’m not fully confident in her multi-tasking abilities (Not meant condescendingly – she really can’t multi-task).

It’s weird

when you start weighing up probabilities of causing an accident via STARTLE-text, versus potential hurt feelings ‘is no-one texting me’.

Same thing happens to me loads, especially when someone’s due in an


or something serious.  My sister was once caught out by someone else’s text of ‘Good Luck’ during an interview, when her phone was on a


that wasn’t exactly discreet – never had one of those phones that sound like a pneumatic drill on vibrate, the slutty sister of silent, but at least it wasn’t on loud I suppose.

I tend to weigh up the person.  I didn’t text my sister good luck coz I knew she was capapble of forgetting to turn the thing off.  In the end she was thrown by the insistent buzzing noise mid-question, so she gave the perpetrator an earful when she got out of the place.  But then, her fault really for not turning it off.  Still, I generally don’t text people if I know it’s the exact time they’ll be doing something life-changing that might screw with their concentration.

Although this all sounds terribly anxious thinking, and I am prone to over-think things, I have to temper it by adding all these mechanics of the brain are done in a 30 second time frame (SITUATION-TEXTEE’S PERSONTALITY-DECISION).

This is just one of those random things I thought I’d bore you all with…:)


One thought on “To text or not to text – welcome to my head

  1. Coo! Relax, everything that happens or doesn’t happen isn’t your personal responsibility. I’m reading a book relevant to that: ‘Coastliners,’ by Joanne Harris, she who wrote ‘Chocolat’.

    Are you sure your sister doesn’t have a bluebottle in her phone buzzing away?

    Hey, Louise, your mental health blogroll’s a bit out of date, eh what? ‘Mental Nurse’ was destroyed by gremlins, some with real names, some time ago. Zarathustra of that ilk now co-edits (with Ermintrude2) ‘The Not So Big Society’. And I’m amazed not to see the outstanding ‘Chaos and Control’ by ‘Little Feet’, strornary good said Tigger. Enjoy!

    M 🙂

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