The People vs A. Mouse

Are mice more intelligent than they used to be?  Are we more stupid?

Why, oh why can’t we catch this little devil?


The facts of the case:

One rodent of mouse like proportions, brownish in colour, spotted by House Dwellers (HDs), about three weeks ago, in a bedroom.

HDs took prompt action to catch said intruder.  All rooms searched.  Pellets found in two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom.

HDs have dealt with mice before.  Traps were set along the sides of the walls where ‘activity’ i.e. mouse crap, was present.

HDs believe mice prefer the sides of rooms as read and advised by other HDs.

Mouse is causing great disruption to HDs sleeping patterns and general level of well-being.

Mouse has not ventured onto a trap during the time of setting, starting with the first sighting two/three weeks ago.

Mouse is still present as it is still leaving small oval black presents overnight, particularly in the kitchen.

Mouse has been tempted with foods that have previously been successful:

  • chocolate
  • biscuit
  • specialized bait from the shop
  • peanut butter AND biscuit


HD 1 – yours truly – was first to spot and scream report sighting.  She was a little unsure of herself since it was seen at night in her room, when she sat up and put on the light for only a few seconds, around 2am.

However, though HD 1 may have thought herself hallucinating, her story was corroborated the very next day, when HD2 – of sound judgement and good moral character – also screamed reported having seen ‘it’.

The second sighting was at 8pm, very early for a mouse in light of past experience.  HD2 has also complained of general noises, indicative of scratching, in her room.

HD1 now sleeps with the light on most of the night as well as a DVD playing as she doesn’t want to be frightened out of her mind by sudden appearance of A. Mouse.

HD2 has moved sleeping arrangements because she has alternatives.

The Mouse is still at large but there is a warrant out for its arrest, dead or alive.

This Mouse appears different to previous mice in a couple of ways:

  1. It is not grey.
  2. It does not keep the same hours as previous blighters (it doesn’t wait until the middle of the night to come out).
  3. It isn’t going for the bait.
  4. It appears cockier – it has been seen by HD2 while the light was on 8pm ish.

HD1 – myself – cannot bear the thought of a trap going off in her room and has therefore set two unsprung traps with food, to ascertain whether it is in that room and wanting food.  No food has been found missing.

All HDs have had disrupted nights and are getting very frustrated by this mouse-behaviour.

HDs realise that it is not A. Mouse’s fault that it has entered their abode, but nevertheless they are adamant that they will not live happily alongside it.

This case is complex, but if there are any new developments in mouse catching insight, HDs will try anything within reason.



3 thoughts on “The People vs A. Mouse

  1. Maybe it’s a rat (they can be VERY cheeky, wandering about nonchalantly whistling and polishing their finger nails), water vole, mole, stoat, weasel, rabbit, badger, toad, washerwoman or other inhabitant of the Wild Wood. I’ll tell you one thing, if you’ve got one wild mouse you’ve probably got several. Is there a rank smell of pee about? It might be a stray of course, looking for a new human servant.

    I have to confees to being fond of the little blighters. ‘Er Indoors says if we got mice I’d buy in cheese specially to feed them with – by hand of course. My son had a pet, grey one who used to get on his exercise wheel for one hour precisely at 3 am and 3 pm, He caught sarcoptic mange and had to be given baths. Afterwards, as a treat, I gave him a cube of cheese which he took from my hand carefully with his mouth, and sat on his haunches with the cheese in his hands nibbling it awww! His name was Tom.

    Jung used to believe we can follow our animals’ dreams. I can testify to the truth of that. One night, when we lived in Devon, I dreamed about some delicious, juicy voles which in my dream I’d eaten the previous week. I then awoke for a pee. Stretched across the doorway was one of our cats, ex-feral, half Maine Coon, half British long-haired tabby, male. He was a right bugger for going over to the near-by River Exe to catch voles, which meant he had to cross a busy, main road and the main London-Penzance railway line. So if you get dreams about running away from cats you’ll know why. M 😉 😉

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