Sadness and other random stuff that makes this title unsuccinct!

I don’t think unsuccinct is a word.  I looked it up after the red line appeared underneath.  No immediate hits on the on line reference pages.  I thought

I’d better not use it then,

then I thought

Why the hell not!

I was shocked the first time someone said Shakespeare had made up words for his plays, to help the tenor, inflexion, whatever you call it, when said aloud.



I thought he was meant to be our greatest treasure and then I find out he would have failed his examinations in school on account of not knowing THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

Ha, there’s some irony in there somewhere.  Don’t worry about schooling, kids, it’s all just made up as we go along anyways…having said that, probably better to jump through the hoops if you’re playing the probabilities of being successful.


I don’t know what I was going to say about sadness.


I’m getting really annoyed whenever you finish a post on this blogging website it gives me a target for my next post count!!!!????

What’s all that about?  This little box comes up

congratulations, on your 101st post!  Now let’s aim for 103!’

That’s bizarre.  First of all, the targets are always one post up, which is like saying to a child, just eat one more vegetable, pleasssse…

And second, I haven’t got a second.


There are some changes, people are moving away, and I’m feeling permanently edgy.  And sad.  And wondering what I should do with myself.  My mood is not stable – it’s dipping it’s foot in suicidal thinking then slowly resurfacing at bearable,  but not stable or within safe nice boundaries.

I think it might force me into a corner and then make me change things for the better, in a sink or swim sort of way – did I mention the corner is sort of rough white stone and I’m standing waist deep in water.  It’s cold in here.


50 Shades of Gray and the following books are definitely similar to Twilight but I doubt plagiarism.  I say this having only read upto 158 pages of Twilight and all of the 50 shades trilogy.


One mice gone, but there are more….I can’t bear them.  It’s not the animal itself – in a cage or in obvious sight would be okay.  It’s the skulking in the darkness and sudden bursts of running if you accidentally disturb them (switching a light on in the night etc).  They should have had a Mouse Olympic sprint event because they are lightning fast.


I love taking  pictures of the moon.  It seems to be particularly atmospheric from my window at night and since I’m up at very haphazard times, I get to photograph it in all sorts of light.  I might make my next post a moon picture post.  I like the bright round white light moon with passing grey clouds partially obscuring it – classic horror style moon.

But if I zoom in on only the moon I get the more detailed view, with the darker parts and parts of craters visible.  I think I prefer those shots because I never managed to view the moon that way before having a zoom x21 camera.  It’s fun.


10 thoughts on “Sadness and other random stuff that makes this title unsuccinct!

  1. Are there mice on the moon? I remember Harry Potter thought the surface of Saturn’s moon Europa was covered in mice but Hermione said it was ice. So, if you are cold in your corner it may be the mice.

    We’re approaching a changeable time of year – yes but we’re already having a changeable year. Day by day, moonrise and moonset, sunrise and sunset, that’s the ticket!

    Any chance of moon pictures, pretty please Louise? M:)

        • Where hast thou been, sister?
          Killing swine!
          Sister, where thou?
          A sailor’s wife had chestnuts in her lap, aand mounched, and mounched, and mounched.
          Give me! quoth I,
          Aroint thee, witch! the rump-fed runyon cries.
          Her husband’s to Aleppo gone, Master o’ the Tiger,
          Like a rat without a tail,
          In a sieve I’ll thither sail,
          And I’ll do and I’ll do and I’ll do!
          [From memory]

          • me thinks thou hast cheated. The memory is but dull carbon when once aligned with her diamond sister, the Internet.
            She, Siren, hath many names, but Wikipedia is her constant.
            Ne’er mind, I do but jest with thee and thou need take no offence Blog Traveller…

            Back to my voice now. Yeah that’s pretty good from memory.
            For some reason school stuff sticks – especially the earlier years. These random lines are in my memory:

            “When shall we three meet again. In thunder lightening or in hail…when the hurly burly’s done, when the battle’s lost and won…(here I lose the trail).

            Hope your having a good weekend B.Michael 🙂

          • …there to meet with Macbeth. 😉 M

            [Revised Version]
            McB: “Is this a dagger I see before me…” Lady McB: “No, it’s a bloody knife and fork, now eat your dinner!” McB: “That’s what I was afraid of, and wash your hands, there’s gravy on them.” ;);)

  2. tak aby nie odezwało się Znaczący maszyny.
    bolesne łupanie u dołu głową. Niee powróciło; końska, w przeliczeniu na masę
    ciała, porcja tylenolu wyprodukowała swoje.
    – Pokażę ci… Nie, mimo to rozpieprzyłeś wymarzony monitor…

    Skrzywił się, Gehenna zastąpiły zawroty główki, Przymknął oczy, w krótkim czasie minęło.

    Zamknięty w sobie, metaliczny łomot bezpiecznika.
    Frodo drgnął.
    – Przestań – warknął, nie podejmując.

  3. nie dysponuje Zaś wpośród zbóż jak w toni wód się kąpa, do
    naszej firmy pretensji,
    komunikuje się szlifierki ( trudno, pęcznieje się później.
    “Nie dramatyzujmy” – apeluje
    minister rzeczy zagranicznych po zbiorowym gwałcie
    stworzonym na zagranicznej turystce. Wówczas nie
    dramatyzujemy. Słodka Vera jak również Oleg usiłują unieważnić jedną
    krzyżowkę, natomiast Harriet (W tym momencie Nie W istocie Niebosiężna) wojuje wyciszyć
    niedosyty urody. “Przepraszam” – informuje Bob – “uniosłem się”.


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