ESA benefit changes – how will it affect me?

I started writing on this topic and the post became too long, so I’m splitting it.  I am one person, affected by a welfare benefits overhaul, who doesn’t know how to feel yet.  So, first part:

There is a massive change in welfare benefits in the UK at the moment, which is of concern to anyone who is already claiming sickness related benefits or will shortly need to.

If you are in the process of being assessed or wish to download the forms and information guides, then the dwp website has the links if you click—–> here.

Since there is the whole country to get through, people must feel the impact, for good or bad, at staggered times.

It’s my turn to be staggered.

Well, I completed the limited capability for work form, within the month, as required.  I then awaited for the results.

A few days ago I got the decision letter telling me that I had been placed in the work related activity group (as opposed to the ‘support’ group, which is reserved for those with limited capability for work related activity – KEEP UP, WILL YOU, this stuff is reviting.  I’m about to RIVET you.

 I was totally anxious when I got that letter.  I’ve not had time to read through the time-consuming, dreary particulars, which I am endeavouring to do, one clause at a time, but it really set me in a tail spin of anxiety when it hit me that I knew nothing about the new structure.

The greatest fear comes from simply not knowing.

I only knew the true extent of my not-knowing, when I received the decision letter, which helped to clarify that I was in a very vague category, with vague responsibilities to attend and take part in job focused interviews (or my benefit could be affected).  That last part was pretty clear.

Phrases like taking reasonable steps, seeing a job focused adviser at regular intervals rang out crystal clear, like piccolo song across a frosty lake.


4 thoughts on “ESA benefit changes – how will it affect me?

  1. ATOS who carry out the assessments vary from the reasonable to the stupidly irrational around the country. It appears they get bonuses for putting people in the job-related activities group. It may be worth your while to appeal – most of those who do succeed. If that appeals (oh dear) you could consult Mind or similar. Ironically, you’ll be dealing with a lot of people who are only doing the job they do because they were on benefit and were forced to take it. Nil carborundum desperandum (don’t let the bastards grind you down). Making people anxious is certainly not helpful. Do you do anything of a voluntary nature that you like and might be converted into paid work eventually?

    Best of luck, Louise! M 😉 🙂 😀

    • ha thanks for making me smile with the ‘don’t let the bastards grind you down’.
      I have done voluntary things, yeah, I think I mention such like in the unposted part that I had written but not posted yet.

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