I’m very sorry to darken the door again but I am afraid I, as before, need a little self-therapy.

I left this blog up to view, leaving it unaltered for four years.  I very rarely came here myself during the past years, but I thought others might find something in it and in that spirit left it up.

The Depression thingy:

The Depression thingy is still alive.  I have been pummelled by it the last few days to such a degree that I ended up returning here.

I’m pretty sure HIM-Macarbre has syruped its way into my head again.  The blank affect.  The guilt.  The lack of any energy.  The reduced enjoyment in anything in daily life. Have I missed some symptoms out there; probably.

I am your weary blogger, returned from my four-year-trip; you can stay as I unpack my case, if you’d like.


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