Taken to Hospital. Wore blue gown.

I’m not fully back in my own bearings yet.  That will happen when you have a series of medical emergencies and freak my loved ones out by fitting in front of them. Then, recovering my composure – to much relief-sighing – before getting up and walking over to the bathroom in the hospital.  Apparently I thought this would be the ideal venue for a second uncontrolled fit.  Extra praise given for my ability to put myself in the least accessible places for the medics to reach me.  This farcical night was totally unexpected from all who were there.  I should say, in the light of my previous post voicing concern about the amount of pills I was taking, I was too bloody right about that!!

Now that some time has gone I’m putting my memory fragments together and next time I’ll speak further about the events happening in my conscious world as well as the events I’ve no personal recollection of but that, I know happened, just through volume of people prepared to back it up.

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