Some time after I found myself in hospital, due to some dodgy drug combination, I decided to face the music.  I went to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting to find out what kind of addict I am.  I’ve never been in a room with so many withered, wretched human beings.  Scarred from their usage head to toe.  Strange smelling, roughly clothed, down and outs.  I saw in that group of drug users the haunted faces of those who haven’t the luxury of being cushioned from the consequences of their behaviour.

For better or worse, I really haven’t paid the price of my drug habit, in terms of lost accommodation, loss of a child or withdrawal of family support.  I haven’t had to steal to fund my habit and I have been supported by family, emotionally speaking.  Those poor people had suffered for their addiction to substances.

I may go back in the future, yet I don’t feel at home there.  The giving mentality that those NA members demonstrated was truly humbling.  I was made to feel so welcome, given phone numbers of some of the women there to call when support is needed.  I really felt the whole giving back concept was a beautiful thing.  Hmm, if I could just find a group with some similar backgrounds for me to relate to.  That’s what i would like.

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