Home Treatment vs. inpatient

I’ve had a really positive experience with the Home Treatment Team from my local hospital.

After my recent overdose, I had to wait for a psychological assessment after the hospital had cleared me on medical grounds.  So, in A&E, after a massive wait to see the psych team, a psychiatric doctor came to chat to me.  It became clear that I couldn’t say I regretted the incident and as such I was difficult to gauge risk of repeating the action.

So, the options in my case were to go in for a hospital admission, or get something called home treatment, which is like being an inpatient while being allowed to stay at home.  The monitoring is quite intensive, with psychiatric nurses visiting in your own home on a daily or every other day basis.

I have not put myself in this situation before, as in the past I’ve not crossed the line between thinking about taking a bunch of tablets to harm myself, and actually doing it.  I think I’m just so fed up with the depressive cycles that I’ve lost the balance between thinking and doing suicidal behaviour.  I’ve crossed the line in my head.  I don’t want this anymore, this messed up life, marred by relapses that set me back to the start again.

My family wanted to get me admitted – partially due to feeling helpless to ‘save’ me at home.  I suspect they wanted a break from being on suicide watch 24/7 and who could blame them.  Saying that, I didn’t want to be in a foreign environment though.  I thought it could freak me out to be around people with worse symptoms than myself – especially if there were violent patients too.  I think I may be speaking from ignorance here since I’ve never been on a psych ward so I’m only guessing from the media and what I’ve been told.

I finally got discharged into the home treatment plan option.  They have visited me on alternate days and, to be honest, it has been a really positive experience.  I was told the staff doing these home visits are highly trained and experienced.  That comes across in their knowledge, bedside manner, everything is professional and helpful.

Thank you to that team – you’ve been really helpful!


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