This page is intended to be a sort of (free) market for anti-depressive produce.  As I’m only going off my own personal experiences as a gauge for things of interest to put on here, it’s obviously not intended as a catch-all resource.  You will only find information on things that I’ve personally used during my depressive episodes or things that I have an interest in pursuing. 

The tricky thing with this illness is to get the right quantity and quality of help so that you have a tailor-made treatment plan for your depression.  Everyone will have different needs in this respect.

I don’t have professional training and I don’t suggest you take my ideas or suggestions on board without consulting a medical professional.

All I want to do is compile some interesting sub-pages and give myself a resource page with everything in one place.  Like Tesco’s 😉

If you can benefit from anything here then that makes me  happy and, similarly, if anything has been especially useful to you that I’ve not covered, I’d love to hear your experiences.  I’m always searching…

The sub-categories for this page are listed in the ‘pages’ box in the sidebar——>

This page and its sub-pages are a work-in-progress and I’ll add new material as I compile it.


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