One Positive Thing

This is actually a post I wrote on February 12th, 2009.  I’ve decided to make it a page because the idea is I’m going to document One Positive Thing I’ve done everyday.  I might miss days out but it’s really a way of helping me to acknowledge achievements, especially when I’m depressed.  There’s no minimum level I’m expecting of myself.  One day getting out of bed might be my Thing for the day and another day might be completing a three mile run.  If anyone wants to join me feel free to leave your own comments of anything positive you’ve done today.  Here’s the original post (I’ve cut a few bits out):

This post is going to be resolutely positive, not because I feel positive, but because if you feel depressed the very first step for most people, from the severely depressed to the mildly depressed, is to incorporate some positivity into your life. 

Okay, this is how it works.  I’m going to do ONE THING each day that is positive.  I’m then going to acknowledge that I have done that thing and praise myself for taking that step.  I’m not putting rules on what sort of thing that has to be at the moment because a) I don’t feel like it and b) it doesn’t take into account that one day might be tougher than another to complete this task.

So, I’ll start with yesterday.  Yesterday I felt depressed but there was some agitation there which gave me energy.

Yesterday my positive thing was hoovering one half of my bedroom.  I also spoke to my Mum about how I was feeling, acknowledging my current status.  I also did a little bit of yoga on DVD.  My positive thing for today is: I made a phonecall to my volunteer job to say I needed a couple of weeks off.  I’m counting this as my ‘positive’ because it was a phonecall I was dreading, wanted to put off and it was stressing me out.  I know I don’t feel well, I know I need a break but I’m scared of backsliding so I was conflicted about my decision to say the least.  But I did it.  I  made the call.

I’d like to be able to say by the end of today that I’ve also been out of the house for a walk.  I don’t know if I will yet and I do already have my positive thing for today in the bank but I could do with fresh air, leaving the house and a little walk, maybe just to the DVD shop ten minutes from my house.

Will let you know…

p.s. I think the act of blogging here is positive, for the moment at least.  It’s like having a mini-project assembling a page and it’s a vehicle for expressing difficult emotions.  Maybe by seeing what I’ve written in front of me I might get more ideas or insight or something…

25 thoughts on “One Positive Thing

  1. Today I went to the gym -30mins. I go to the gym for 3 reasons:
    1) so I can eat more chocolate without gaining weight
    2) so I can lose weight
    3) for my mental health
    Today I went because of number 3.

  2. Left the house to go to supermarket with sister (she drove) following at least two days of not feeling well enough to leave the house 🙂

  3. Bloody hell been a while since I did this two days in a row. That’s positive in itself I guess.
    My ‘real’ positive for today is that I did half an hour relaxation meditation, as encouraged by CFS Therapist, and this is a positive thing for me to do to try to control my fatigue and anxiety symptoms.

  4. Woah, each time I have a go at doing this positive thing for the day I notice how long I’ve left it in between times…

    Anyway, my positive thing at the moment is that I went out of my comfort zone to do an overnight trip to Cumbria. This was a big deal for me and the longest I’ve spent away from home in months and months. It followed, firstly, visiting a friend overnight about a month or so ago, then secondly, going on a night out with a lot of people, most of whom I didn’t really know.

    The Cumbria trip was the next step before incrementally bigger and scarier challenges lined up for September and then New Year.

  5. I successfully managed the September challenge referred to in the above post i.e. going to my friend’s birthday celebration.

    Today I did 10mins on Wii Fit so far

  6. About 3 days ago I applied for a christmas temp job and actually posted the application. First time in a long time I’ve seriously set my mind to paid work.

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