My life becomes “Girl – Interrupted”

I can hardly put my words together at the moment.  Everything is topsy turvy. Following an accidental overdose, which resulted in me having seizures and waking up in hospital, I then went on to make a catalogue of further errors.

OK.  Let’s try to order this post.  So, yes, a few days in hospital, during which my whole family found out I had been using drugs to medicate my CFS/depression/anxiety.  Years of deception carefully stored, logged and maintained were now thrown up in the air to be caught by the surrounding onlookers.  Put another way, family had a good root through my belongings, informed the doctors that I’d been taking a cocktail of uppers and downers (showing them the items purloined from my bedroom). In the wise words of one friend, I was BUSTED.


One thought on “My life becomes “Girl – Interrupted”

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